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For my dear Friend JOHN ALLEN DIXON


You Are Never Forgotten

You are somebody that everybody knows
Wherever you are is where everyone goes
And I can't help but think about what I do now
Will I see you someday, will I find you somehow

The night follows day, the moon in the sky
The world keeps on turning and no one knows why
It goes and it comes it comes and it goes
Which ever direction nobody knows

Our times together though cut short were precious and dear
However it happened just may never be clear
I'm here but your gone I don't understand
But your leading the way always holding my hand

The night is too black those times I'm alone
The road seems to long, I wish you'd come home
And when the sun rises I look for you still
And then I remember and remember I will

The wind in the sails water covers the earth
The day of your birth and the day of your death
Mile after mile and after while the warmth of your heart
The shine of your smile they keep me going
The memories of love that's all I have left like the flight of a dove

Where are you now? Are you far, are you near?
Are you helping me live will you help make it clear
Wherever your going where ever you've been
Whomever you've known all of your friends

We all stand beside you we all love you still
We're missing you now and forever we will
We sing and we talk the world in our hands
We run and we walk while beside us you stand

For those who remain never let your love wait
When they're no longer here it's always too late
So we roll the days over again and again
And where we have ended, it's where we begin

And Yes -- stars they come and light -- yes they bring
The miracle of life a beautiful thing
We know not where we're going' we just know where we've been
The days we shared together the memories that will never end

Author Unknown

You were my third friend I personally knew to have both a birth and death date the same . . . . .I don't like birthdays anymore. I remember fondly our coming out to each other.  May you still be having fun with the boys.

I was a friend Of John Dixon I met him at the Paddock Club in the late 70's man I feel old. He moved to Charlotte with me and we went to Barber college then I moved to Florida. We were friends for along time and went our separate ways. My mom sent me his death notice and I just found it the other day. And he has been on my mind. Am not sure if we know each other or not would like to hear from you.



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