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No More New Drama . . . Please

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Ric Wilke:
Dearest Friends,

I have bitten my tongue so hard that it has scar tissue.

AMG 06 is less than 30 days away.  It's time for us to plan our wardrobes and to stop the the petty pity parties.

You are either with us or against us.  Either way we, as family, will survive.

This is an event that may change some of our lives forever.  It is an event that may give some of us the courage to live on as we face the daily challenge of HIV/AIDS.

Please come to Montreal with open hearts and open arms.  We will embrace.  We will cry.  And to quote one of our most revered members we will all say, "It's okay.  I understand.  I'm positive, too."

Until then, hugs to all.  Ric and Thom

The Canuck:
Hello Ric & Thom,

I don't expect any Drama in Montreal, at least I hope. I'll be in there in 28 days...and time goes by so fast that the next thing we know we'll be there.

--- Quote ---Please come to Montreal with open hearts and open arms.
--- End quote ---

I'll try to open everything I can open..well almost.  :)

--- Quote ---We will embrace.
--- End quote ---

Jeromy will definitely do that on a large scale.  :P

--- Quote ---You are either with us or against us.
--- End quote --- I have to wear Khaki in Montreal ?

Kidding aside I expect EVERYONE to have a good time..and first person to start a drama is being returned in his country of origin as fast as possible. If it's me..I'll take my car and drive away to Quebec City...where I'll be waiting for starting a second one.  ::)


The Canuck
(Feeling a bit crazy tonight..and shall start to go to bed at 9:00 pm too)


I think there were a few issues last year before Toronto if memory serves.

Chalk it up to nerves and nervousness, all of which will fade once everyone is together.....


I agree with you Ric, we don't need anything else to worry about!

Can't wait to see you and Thom, and everyone else.



PS - would someone PLEASE come and help me pack?   I always have such a tough time with it....I try to pack everything I own and that rarely works out well.....


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