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Scared ..


Hi all,

I had protected sex in January with a girl whom i met in a dance club... unknown status..
during intercourse condom was on all the time.. but after some time i realized that condom has slipped a little bit ..
it wasnt covering the full shaft .. but covering the head and some part.. i pulled back and tried with a fresh condom ..
i was drunk also .. i got tested after 13 weeks.. results came back negative.. now my doctor saying i need to repeat the test after 6 months and one year .. as it is very rare for the seroconversion to happen after 6 months.. but still there are chances.. already it was horrible waiting for 13 weeks to complete ..  now  6 months  :( and then one year..
please suggest .... very much in tension .. btw it was ELISA test performed on me .. that came back as negative..

12-13 weeks is pretty much the standard now.  You are negative if you have had no other risks in the mean time.  I would suggest if you are sexually active to read up on safe sex practices and to test every six months. 
You should be ok!

Andy Velez:
The CDC is conservative with regard for testing and for sometime has considered 13 weeks to be sufficient for a testing point. The exceptions are for those who are IV drug users or have a severely depleted immune system due to cancer treatment or such.

I completely disagree with your doctor. As long as the head of your penis was protected the slippage really wasn't putting you at risk. As far as I am concerned your negative at 13 weeks is a reliable result and no further testing is necessary.

You are HIV negative. Period. End of story.

The red flag to me in your story is that you were drinking excessively when you had sex. Mixing casual sex and excessive drinking is a dangerous combination and one that ought to be avoided.

Otherwise I don't see this as an HIV situation and you have no cause for further concern.



I went for the HIV ELISA test again after 6 months.. came as negative.. doctor still asking for one year test..
please suggest.. this waiting period is driving me nuts....

Get a new doctor, that knows the testing procedures. You didn't need to test if the first place.


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