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whats the difference between CD4 and VL

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Hi Angel...hey, no worries about your question.  I had the EXACT same confusion when I was first diagnosed.   :-\  Felt like SUCH an ass for being so ignorant about HIV, but...can't change the past, right.   :-[ 


that isnt to difficult to understand then, wel at least it is when my doctor explains it,
i usually sit there thuinking he is on medication when he explains something

am working my way trough all the lessons on here, just printing them of the last few days,
think i should print them one by one, but hey, there is some sence in my madness

i have a simple choo choo explanation.

Now, it is a bit more complicated than this, but this gives you the basic idea of some of the interrelationship between the two.

Your immune system is the choo choo.  (train for all you grown ups :P)

the track it goes down is your CD4's.... the closer your cd4's get to zero... the closer you are to running off the end of the track.... you run off the track at cd4 of zero. (that's kinda bad... ever seen a derailment?) Having a high cd4 means you have plenty of track left which is good.

the speed at which you go down the cd4 track is your viral load.   The higher the viral load, the faster you go down the track till you run off it.   High viral load is bad, it means you speed down the cd4 track will go faster... and we know what happens when you run off it.  *reminder* running off the cd4 track is a bad bad thing.

Low viral load means your speed down the cd4 traintrack is slow or stopped.   that is what you want... to stop the speed of your choo choo down that track.  

high cd4 = good
low viral load = good

Meds are often the brakes we need to stop our speeding down that track and even to put our choochoo in reverse. :)

I love choo choos.  

Anyway, hope this simplistic explanation helped a bit

You go Bailey!  Great explanation!  I love Choo-choo trains too!   ;D


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