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whats the difference between CD4 and VL

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i still dont really understand the difference between CD4 and VL,
and when they are good and when its bad,
can someone explain that in human terms for me,
my doctor doesnt seem to be

Viral load is the amount of virus in your blood. It is measured in copies per mililiter of blood. The normal amount of virus copies per mililiter is zero, as HIV is something that should not be present in human blood.
CD4 is the number of lymphocites wich have a cd4 receptor per mililiter of blood. The normal range is between 350-1000.
As the viral load increases, the CD4 lymphocites are more quickly destroyed. When you reach a cd4 count of 200 or below you have AIDS.
The percentage of cd4 is also important. 30% and above is the normal range. 14% or under is AIDS.
The goal of hiv treatment is to achieve an undetectable viral load (under 50 copies per mililiter), so that the cd4 cells are no longer destroyed and the immune system can recover.

You might want to check out these two lessons....I think they will help you understand.

so the lower the viral load and the higher the CD4 count the better?
or am i wrong in that

That is right. You want an undetectable viral load and a cd4 count above 350 and a percentage of, at least, a 30%.


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