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Fabulous news... stopped smoking

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Hi All,
just writing to tell you that i have stopped smoking for good!! I feel fabulous and excited.
the method i s\used was the easy way to stop smoking by alan carr. I deffinatly recomend it.

good luck keeping it that way,
i wish i could say i stopped,

Jupiter: That is superb news. Congratulations.

Your lungs are saying OUI! OUI! MERCI BEAUCOUP! MERCI BEAUCOUP!  :D   (just curious: how long were you smoking?)



Congratulations!! I can only imagine how great this must feel. I hope I'm not far behind you.



Congratulations  !!

This is what you can expect:

Time since quitting Beneficial health changes that take place:

20 minutes
 Blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal.
8 hours
 Nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in blood reduce by half, oxygen levels return to normal.
24 hours
 Carbon monoxide will be eliminated from the body.
Lungs start to clear out mucus and other smoking debris.
48 hours
 There is no nicotine left in the body.
Ability to taste and smell is greatly improved.
72 hours
 Breathing becomes easier.
Bronchial tubes begin to relax and energy levels increase.
2 - 12 weeks
 Circulation improves.
3 - 9 months
 Coughs, wheezing and breathing problems improve as lung function is increased by up to 10%.
1 year 
 Risk of a heart attack falls to about half that of a smoker.
10 years
 Risk of lung cancer falls to half that of a smoker.
15 years
 Risk of heart attack falls to the same as someone who has never smoked.

Good luck------Ray


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