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For Those Who Knew Robert...An Update!

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Robert and I are in contact again.  I'm ashamed to admit it but we haven't spoke in a while due to reasons I perfer not to go into.  I found out today he is not doing well at all.  Besides being hospitalized twice and no longer able to work (he was a nurse in South Carolina) he is not doing well.  For those who pray, I urge you to put him in your prayers.

I am so sorry to hear about Robert. Please extend sincere get-well wishes to him.

Sorry to hear this.  Send him our well wishes and let him know that we'd love to hear from him again.  I hope he gets better soon.

Thanks Guys....

   He was hospitalized twice, turned blue twice and twice they thought they had lost him.  He's had to quit school, take full disability and is currently on oxygen 24 hrs a day.  He was diagnosed with COPD.  But he's a trooper...and I'm proud to call him friend.  I'll be sure to extend your best wishes and Thanks again!


I really wish Robert all the very best and sincerely hope he is up and about very soon.



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