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Hello all -
I was just tested positive back in Dec. 07 and had PCP on top of that. Since then I have been on the med Atripla (started February) and have seen my viral load drop from 125,000 to 1,500. This is great but unfortunately my CD4 has been on a up and down ride. It went from 75 to 274 to 193. To top it all off...I caught a cold (and lost my voice) which has been with me for about 7 days. Kinda freaked that my CD4 will drop again. On top of that I have little or no sleep since being tested positive. The average hours I sleep are about 5-6 hours. I should be sleeping more but even a sleeping pill doesn't help. Don't know what to do here people. I know positive thinking helps recover but all I have been having is negative thinking. Bottom line, need some advice and encouragement. Thanks for reading...

Allow me.  Pumpkin, welcome to the forums first of all.  Now - this "drop" in CD4s.  You can expect them to fluctuate some all the time, HIV or not.  This is because CD4s (and everything else) flows through your bloodstream like leaves floating down a little stream.  Got that image in mind? whenever you get stuck for a blood draw, it's like sticking in a little net into the stream to scoop up some leaves.  Exactly how many you catch in the net depends on how many happen to be floating by that point at that moment.  Got it?  It will vary some, so the main thing you are looking for is the trend upward or downward over a few draws.  Also look at it this way:  you may have gone down about 80 or so, but you'd gone up about 200.  You're still on the forward climb. 

You're right on schedule, hon.  No worries at all with those counts.  And speaking of worry:  it's no great suprise that you're having the sleep issues considering where you are on the timeline since diagnosis.  Maybe this I've said will help a little and can remind yourself of it at time for beddy-bye.  As much as I want to comfort you, I wouldn't bullshit you in order to do so.  This is the truth:  you're in a pretty decent position now at 193, and are moving in the right direction.  Now get some zzz's, ok?

Hey December, welcome to the forums. 

Agree with what Timmy said about the CD4s fluctuating. 

As for the sleep issues, I'm sure you're full of a lot of emotions ranging all over the place.  You might try (really) chammomile tea before going to bed.  If it gets too bad, let your doctor know.  There are things (meds) they can use temporarily that wouldn't totally knock you on your ass or get you hooked.  It's important to get the correct sleep.  One of two nights of not sleeping well can be handled, but when it becomes an every night thing, you should really consider having a talk with your doc about it.

Hope to hear more from you. :)

It is nice to feel welcomed. Thanks guys.  :)

I wish my sleeping problem was simple but here is why I can't sleep. I can't remember when this started happening (I think when I started Atripla) but whenever I would lay on my back for bed, I would feel this burning on my upper back. The burning would then cause me to sweat alot (especially my head). I talked to my doctors and they said it is a side effect that would pass or they didn't know what it was. So here we are in March and it is still happening. Infact it happens at work when I am talking to co-workers, the boss or on the phone. I think it is my anxiety level hitting a great high but why would I feel anxiety in bed? Even if I sleep on my side the burning is still felt on the back and sweat occurs. I don't know if anyone else has this issue or knows how to resolve it.

December, anxiety can hit anytime.  Just because you're in bed doesn't mean it will go away-especially if you have a racing mind.  I would urge you to talk to your doctor about this if it's especially bothersome.


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