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I was watching TV yesterday. We have Dish and it was one of the satellite channels. I saw an Aids commercial. I couldn't believe it. This is the first one i have seen. It had a woman talking about using her voice in the fight against Aids and encouraging others to do the same.

I was so excited. I hope I see alot more commercials like that on TV!


Joe K:
Hey Teresa,

The next time you see that commercial, or any for that fact, please note who is sponsoring it and report it here, so that we can contact that sponsor and express our support.  Too many times, we only complain about the things we don't like and forget to compliment others for doing things that we support.


                I've seen a similar ad with an older man saying how unaffected by AIDS his community was and how he didn't see the need for discussions on AIDS, and then it shows him joining a support group for AIDS saying the power of one voice can make a difference.  Joe... I didn't notice who paid for the ad but next time I will pay attention...

I will pay more attention next time to who is sponsoring the commercial.


I've also seen one. Sponsored by the Banyan Tree Project.

It shows different faces (male and female, mostly of asian decent), and basically says, "I am your brother. I am your sister. I am your daughter. I am your son, etc. and I am living with HIV."


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