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GOOD NEWS DAY ~~~ !!! ~~~~


Grants Committee:
It's a good news day.  We have a very generous benefactor, one of our very own regulars, who has kindly donated $1500.00 for our AMG this summer in AMG.  How cool is that?  But there is a catch.....He wants all of us to pool our resources together and match his contribution so our AMG budget will balloon up to $3,000~~!!~~

Yippee. Talking about doing a happy dance ~~~~.

If you do the math, you realize it's really not that much.  One hundred of us could each donate a big whopping $15.00 and AMG would be made in the shade.  For you continental types who deal in EUROS, that's only like 10 Euros.  Or 16.00AUS for those down under.

         SO the drive is on

This is an opportunity too good to pass up and will   allow more of us to attend AMG...something many of us could afford otherwise.

One of us has delivered the challange.  Let's stand up and show him just how it brings out the best in all of us.

Please send a PM to the Grants Committee, telling us the amount you wish to pledge.  We will send you all the details.

Hope to hear from all of you soon  !! ~~~  ~~  !!


The Grants Committee

I've sent in my donation.  I know how many people benefited last year, so I'm asking that everyone who reads this reply to the Grants Committee and get the donation details. 

Whatever you can afford will be greatly appreciated and goes to a great cause.  Thanks, everyone.

Sam in 'bama


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