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Truvada/Sustiva sleep issues.

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Yes that could be a possible side effect.  I do go to sleep with effort but wake up like I was never asleep.  Usually if it catches up with me I just call in sick and go back to bed then I am good till it hits me again.  I have been trying the Melatonin and so far it seems to be helping.  I wake up in less of a fog.  Now, I have noticed to that if I take my Sustiva and Truvada at 10 pm and no later than 10:30 pm I will wake up a lot eaiser and less foggy.  Now, I also try to eat 2 hrs before I take my Sustiva and Truvada and that helps a lot too.  I am fine with small snacks like some ceral, oatmeal, or grits which a generally low fat before taking it.  I find taking meds requires some life changes but not to the point it is consuming my life and if it makes me live longer I am all for it.

Usually, when i take them, i simply "pass out" after 30/45 minutes. Tonight is an exception.. :-S it's 4:15 here and I'm sleepless, keep thinking about things that aren't really that important... Strange chems these, eh?

Hey Apple boy and Tugaman,

Thanks, I decided that bye eating a heavier meal at lunch and medium at dinner to see if I can balance it.  As for the sleeping it getting better,took a tylenol PM last night... not sure what it did to me.   

Having problem on my job with taking more vacation and sick time than I had.  I been given a warning that my job is in jeopardy.  Kinda stress out about that... hopefully, it wont bother me. 

Thanks for the advice on what a good time to eat and take meds.... I love this site because we  learn more by sharing and experimenting to make things work...  Just AWESOME!!!!!

Thanks! Everyone..

I have been taking melatonin for years before meds and while on meds, I take it when I take sustiva in the evening and it works great for me. I take the 3 mg dose. I also sleep very well and fall asleep pretty quickly.

I take an over-the-counter sleep aid with my meds, it works well for me.


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