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Truvada/Sustiva sleep issues.

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I totally can see eye to eye with OakMax1.  His experience with Truvada/Sustiva pretty much copy my own.  I hated it!!  Thanks for sharing OakMax1, it hard to say if the drugs have their own specific side effect or it also depends on your body chemistry.

My Sustiva this time around was not nearly as bad as the first time I took it almost a year ago.  I assume my body was somewhat adjusted when I took it again this time.  I have been doing ok with the melatonin I take 4 if I am feel like I am not going to go to sleep.  Acutally of a recent I have not taken any.  My body even wakes me up about the same time every day meaning I finally got a cycle going.  Thanks for all your posts!

I take sustiva/truvada and find that falling asleep is not a problem...staying asleep is. Since starting the meds, I seem to wake up every hour, even if only for a couple of minutes.

What I find helpful is a low dose of ativan. I started taking it before the HIV meds because I had ocassional insomnia. I was sceptical about taking any kind of sleeping pills because of that groggy morning feeling. However, this cause me to gently fall asleep, sleep thorugh the night and wake up the next morning feeling fine. It doesn't give you that sudden drop over, dead asleep feling. It's more of  a gradual relaxation.   


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