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Truvada/Sustiva sleep issues.

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Hi ya'll,
I am having sleep issues again where falling asleep does not come easy.  I am currently on Truvada/Sustiva.  Has anyone on this combo used the natural sleep aid Melatonin?  If so did you have any issues?  I don't see any statements regarding Truvada, Sustiva and Melatonin.  I have taken Melatonin before but I was not on meds at the time.  I like the fact it does not make me dizzy, fall over sleepy and that it is easier to wake in the mornings than prescription and over the counter sleep aids.   
Any suggestions?

Hello Apple,

I have taken melatonin before, but like yourself, it was before I had started on meds. I am not sure if melatonin may have interactions with the HIV medications.

I work the graveyard shift, so melatonin came in very useful for me, the first few months after beginning that shift. It worked very well also. And fortunately, I have no sleep issues at this point in time.


I was on Truvada/ Sustiva for several weeks and had the same problems sleeping. I got a prescription for Ambien CR which helped a little but didn't resolve the issue. I eventually switched to Viramune and I have no problem sleeping anymore (without Ambien).

I have done Viramune before too.  Sustiva is working well I just have a lot more energy making sleep harder.  I can deal with waking up in the morning so into whatever dream that it takes me a couple minutes to get my bearings. 
Thanks for the posts

Having problem sleeping, not sure I went to sleep last night or the night before.  I close my eyes and feel like I am aware of everything around me. I toss and turn all night.... feel like I'm in sometype of twilight sleep.  I very nervous about going to work and a doctor appointment this morning...may fall asleep.....and not wake up...

Strangest damn thing, I AM NOT SURE I WENT TO SLEEP.... just hoping it wont catch up with me while at work.  When taking med sometime I find it hard to take my meds on an empty stomach.  Especially if I eat late.... Someone tell me I am not tripping out here and that it all in the mind... maybe this is my first side effect..... up and out of here.... and SCARED that sleep will catch up with me.... somewhere today... max

Tonight before going to bed...

headed to bed in a minute.  Took one Tyenol PM and not two... Just hope I can fall asleep... I hope this past ...first real side effect... I think...


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