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Spilling protein?


I did a quick search and couldn't find many previous threads on the topic.  Hoping maybe someone can shed some light-

At my bf's last doctors appointment, they did a urine test and the doc tells him he's spilling protein in his urine.  She didn't go in to much detail about it, and didn't seem overly concerned.  I attempted to do some research but most of what I found doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

Anyone know what this means? What causes it? and what needs to be done to change it? Is this an HIV related thing? A med's thing? or completely unrelated? 

He's currently on Norvir, Reyataz, and Truvada.


Jen, we can't really diagnosis anything, as you know, only offer suggestions.

Being a diabetic, I know protein in the urine can be caused from diabetes.  Has he ever had a fasting glucose test?

Yeah.. I know :) I was just hoping someone had some experience with it and might be able to shed some light on the subject. Was curious if it might be a side-affect of the meds and/or if there is anything he should/could be doing nutrition-wise to help correct it.

He has never had a fasting glucose test as far as I know.

I was told by my doctor that i was also spilling protein in my urine.  I am currently not on any medication.  I was told that it is common for HIV + people to spill protein, but for some reason I did not ask why.

I have, in fact, had a fasting glucose test, which came back normal.
I plan on asking about this at my next doctor visit in June.


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