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I am newly diagnosed (06/20/06) so also very new 2 this site and all I can say after reading all of this (A THREAD MARKED PECKING ORDER) is I am not sure if I will be coming back.  I thought this was going 2 be a great place 2 come and find a sense of belonging in a world that all of a sudden has been turned upside down and now I almost feel more confused then ever.  4 the record I am a gay man living in America who is half white and half black got the disease from unprotected sex and have also dealt with my share of substance abuse.  Going thru the 12steps I had 2 deal with homophobia and discrimination which in turn led me 2 leave the group I will be damned if I will be a part of that here as well.  I wish everyone the best, black, white, poz, neg, straight or gay and I will continue 2 search out people who feel, think and act like myself.
Thanks 2 those people on here that have helped me out during the first few days after finding out I will always appreciate it.

Do think about staying. The thread you mention has touched some raw nerves, but it is one among many, and will soon (hopefully) drop off the bottom of the screen.

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, and welcome

- matt


I am sorry that a few ignorant people have shaken you so much.  Really, these kinds of threads happen here occasionally, but when they do, we state our case, and then let it move on down to the bottom.  Sometimes these threads live longer than others when posters offer more and more incendiary posts.  Eventually it all shakes out, and in the end we find out who here will probably not stick around for very long.  I wish you would stick around, as many of the posters here are pople of African descent, and therefore have a different perspective.  Actually, there are even many members here who are citizens of African countries, both white and black.  I wish it were not so that you are allowing an obviously misguided minority to chase you off this place.  I have found the experience her quite rewarding over the last few years, and some of the pople I have met here have become lifelong friends, so if you feel that you must leave, go ahead, but I would implore you to stick around and see if maybe it calms down a bit, and you can find some connections here that will help you in the future.

Welcome to the forums and I trust you will stick around for a while.

In Love and Support.


Shit happens.  Both here and everywhere.  It's difficult to go through anything where people are involved, where emotions don't sometimes run high or where conflict exists (especially online given the issues with written communication).

You should reconsider your decision.  Support (proper support) is available here.  And yes, every blue moon you have to go through some drama.  Thankfully blue moons aren't common, (though they can be quite entertaining sometimes).

There are plenty of bigots in the world.  There are bigots here.  There are plenty of ignorant people in the world.  There are ignorant people here.  You can't escape them.  (Please Note: I don't know, nor care whether the guy who started this drama is a bigot).  Just saying that in general, you can't escape ignorance.  You just have to learn to live with it.  But then again, being gay, multiracial and living in the US, I'm sure none of this is news to you.

Take care and will always be here, should you ever need to talk or have a question (or two).



Well, if you leave here, you'll be missing out on a great wealth of knowledge and information.Do hang around, but it's your choice...

Take care of yourself-------Ray


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