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"Oz" junkie

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Yes i agree...the violence and brutality were hard for me too. But i had to watch to see what happend to the characters next.

Like a train wreck....You can't take your eyes off of it.  I think they captured life inside (Hollywood style) quite well.  And yes Christopher Meloni...Slurp!  Love him on Law & Order SVU too.  Though clearly watching him run around naked is much more eye catching ::)

Saw the shows again when I turned Jerry onto them...We did a Oz Marathon for weeks :o

That's what is surprising me a little... that I find it so compelling even as I'm repelled by the brutality. I'll have to sort through that. (Is this what Aristotle was puzzling about, trying to figure out why we get pleasure from watching tragedy, and putting forth the celebrated theory of catharsis?) "The Sopranos" -- which is, for my money, one of the great American works of art in recent times -- has violence too. It also has characters who combine unvarnished pychpathology with humanity and suffering. But "Oz" is cruder; the strokes are brilliant but occasionally uneven or heavy-handed. And the difference doesn't have to do with settings, I think, or largely doesn't. It's almost as if "Oz" is preparatory work for "The Sopranos" and, later, "Six Feet Under," where the violence we knowingly or unknowingly do to each other is deliberately left out in its physical aspect, leaving only the psychic damage. Then again, this triptych view of the matter might just be fanciful silliness on my part.

OK, I'm babbling. Off to watch more.


ok, having never seen the show :-\, and having just gone to the website that Ademas referred to  :o :o :o  I have just one question - Do they ever have clothes on?  hehehe

OK, I'm part of the way through Season Four [SPOILER WARNING], just after Beecher's son is murdered by Hank Schillinger. I have to take a break. The characters have so gotten under my skin that the show is "getting" to me. It's too much, too much! Jay


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