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"Oz" junkie

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It's nearly four in the morning, my apartment is like a sauna (it was over a hundreed degrees in the shade today), and yet I can't stop watching this brutal prison show.   :o  Help!

Andy Velez:
I got hooked on that one when it ran first time around. Can't remember the actor's name who was murderer and got involved with the conventional guy who ended up in jail and was later released. Anyway, the hottie murderer who was often naked lives in my neighborhood and I have often seen him biking around, although with clothes on. Kinda weird life moment seeing him dressed after scenes in which he's screwing or taking a piss in OZ. Whatever.....

It's a powerful series.


Christopher Meloni...mmmmm....
I loved that show.
Google "the men of Oz"...there's a cool website, which I won't link...

I have all the seasons of OZ on dvd. I spent one weekend doing nothing but watching Oz.

Now I cant hardly watch any of the Law and Order shows because almost all of the guys on them were on Oz, and I have seen them naked...LOL


I can't say I "enjoy" Oz but it is an engaging show. The violence and brutality is hard for me to watch.


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