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 hello, nice to know this site exsist. I am a 20 plus years long term survivor. I am a 50 yr.old, african american woman, who was diagnosed first in 1990. I was in denial.I startd getting sick in 1994 when I had moved south from new york. Untill then I  lived years in denial and ignorant about hiv and aids. my former fiance was an ex- herione addict back in 1985. We parted ways after he got very sick and had to move back home with family. Up untill that time we were living together, until he got sick and had to be hospitalized a number of times , he was even quarintined in the hospital and I was never told this man had aids, or sids as it was called at the time. He died 2 years later and it was rumored that he had aids. He also had a former girlfriend who had died of aids a year before. i will never know if he knew he had it and why I was not told, by him or his doctors since we were living together at the time. Iwas not even notified when he died so i didn't  get to attend the funeral. Well here I am 20 + years later,( I stop counting years after 20) because I dont want ot fell like my number is coming up! lol. I have been blessed to raise two healthy children  and become a grandmother. at the time of my final diagnosis in 1994, I prayed to god to live long enough to see my 13 and 15 year old kids graduate high school.i have been blessed to not only see them graduate high school, but to see my girl graduated college and my son move to a new york and have a son go to college and have a career. I have survived against all odds and have lost lots of friends to aids in the past two decades, I am still doing well and looking good. I have become an icon in the aids community and an activist over the years,fighting for education in our schools and communities, and helping my plwa anyway I can. I am still giving  my testimony,after surviving a rough life, I am currently trying to write a book of my life. It is my pleasure to meet my new family here on this site!

Hi Netta
Congratulations on being a Long Term Survivor.  We are many and diverse.   
AIDSMEDS is a good place to be.
 I know you will find the Womens Forum a lively place too.

Have a good day..
Joel aka Bear

thanks joel.

Netta, welcome to these, our forums. :) 

It's nice to hear your story.  I am a grandmother also.  I was diagnosed in 1989.  Please join us in the 'Positive Women' forum.  Especially the dating threads.  It's not all about dating, it's about our daily lives, bitches, struggles etc. 

Look forward to hearing more from you!

Hey Netta,

Welcome to the forums. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.

We LTS folk have to stick together.  ;)

I'm glad you've joined in.




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