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8 months and 5 days....

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i was diagnosed 20/06/2007 - i havent cried i havent beat myself up i havent wanted are you supposed to react?? i just felel numb but i think  about it EVERY minute of every day i even wake myself up in the night to remind me i am HIV +

Hi there

Welcome to the forums.

Everyone reacts different to their positive result, just give your self time, believe me things will get better..and just remember being HIV positive doesn't stop you from being the person you were before your diagnosis.

I was diagnosied in 2002, I cope by keeping myself busy and decided in the early stages (thanks to the guys here) that I would not let this virus control me..knowledge and attitude are the best medications.

Hope to hear more from you.


thankyou but do you not think that because it now is a part of you, you need to always remember? i analyse it too much i know does anyone else do the same??

Like I said everyone deals with it differently..speaking for myself I'm reminded of it everyday when I have to take my meds but once those little buggers are gone I move on.
No-one here will tell you it's easy or you have to act this way or's up to you how you deal with it...I know it's hard but eventually it will  get easier for will always be apart of you but hopefully it won't always control your every waking moment.

Jan :-*

thankyou i hope so  ;D


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