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Sharp end to my perfect day

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It has been a pefect sunshine day, with friends, the beach, swimming and a brai as the sun set with the cats lazing in the Bergamont, and now a friend rings to tell me my very good friend and colleague passed away aged 54 in London tonight from complications of decompensated liver cirrhosis related to her Hep B infection.  Possibly the result of her starting HIV treatment before Christmas and a serious hepatitis flare-up.  She is survived by her current and former partner, one of each gender, and two children, one from each family.  I will miss her, and dammit there's tears on my keyboard.  Dunno whu I share this with you right away. She was an amazing woman, an activist in her own quiet way and the only person who I believed when she said "I understand you completely"

Goodnight sunshine.

- matt

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I am very sorry for your loss. She sounds like a remarkable woman.

I'm sorry to hear this Matt.  Does seem like those perfect sunshine days conceal the fast approaching storm clouds.  My condolences.

So very sorry for the loss of your friend.

Big hugs


"Goodnight Sunshine"

Raise a glass of wine, let the tears flow onto the keyboard, remember her quiet activism.  It won't erase the injustice or the pain, but it seems like it would be a fitting tribute.




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