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Using SSDI for Automobile?

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Hi there,  :)
OK, I am new to this blogging and to this forum and this website. I know this is sound really crazy and maybe I am for even asking.
Coming up on my first anniversary of being HIV+ in March and having been approved for SSDI in October '07 it sounds silly but can an individual get approved or use his/her SSDI for monthly payments for an auto loan.
I am blessed that my monthy SSDI check is enough to cover my bills and potential monthly car loan note, but not sure how the banks, loan companies (i.e. lending tree etc.), or car dealerships handle this type of situation. For all I know they just might say STAY AWAY!       
I realize that credit score and other factors contribute to the decision but I don;t work and do need another car as mine I see is beginning to fail after 10 years. It's not like I am even looking for a new car a good reliable fairly newer model would do. 
Has anyone heard of any lending companies or situations where this has occured?[/font]

First anniversay of HIV + and already approved for SSDI?

I wasn't aware that that sort of thing ever actually moved that quickly...not to mention one could even get it without other factors in addition to HIV.  Or that SSDI can ever be enough to cover monthly bills AND a car note.  Wow.

Car dealerships don't care where your income is from, as long as you can verify.  Most don't even verify your income as long as your credit is good (although it wouldn't surprise me if this has tightened up given the current state of the lending business...)

I'm sure a lot of retired and disabled people buy cars with their Social Security as their primary source of income.

I agree with Ademas...most loans are awarded on your credit History and ability to pay...the actual source of income is not usually a concern.. to many loan agencies a "govt " check is very reliable  and they will ask you to "direct deposit" with their institution......a car is a "secured" loan so many places are even more lenient on the credit history.. Personally I would stick with a bank or credit union that knows you or at least serves a group you can be associated with.....

God luck


I traded in my Mini for my Caliber August 2006 and my income was SSDI and private LTD insurance. I couldn't then and still can't drive due to some issues with my vision but the dealership never gave me any problems. My partner test drove the car I was very honest and upfront from the start that my income was from disability. Surprisingly I was never asked to provide proof of either source of income. The only thing at the time that may have played to my advantage was that I was officially still employed at the time and only on a medical leave. I've since lost that job so who knows how it all would have worked out today. I started the entire process online so the dealer was able to pull my credit bureau prior to even going to the dealership. I found it was a positive experience and a lot less stressful doing online. I think they look at your ability to pay and your credit score not your health. At least that's how it worked for me.


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