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It seems some  things are looking up in the labs department, or at least holding their own.

My ALT remains somewhat high at 81. It is supposed to top out at 65. But, the good news is it is unchanged from the last time it was checked late last year.

That means the NASH issue is still with me but apparently not progressing, or not progressing very fast, which I think is pretty good news.  :)

My efforts to reduce my fat intake seem to be helping. I am cutting the fat in part because of the above-mentioned NASH problem and in part because I have been living with hyperlipidemia for a long time now as a result of my meds and, most probably, my diet too.

Drum roll please:

Overall Cholesterol - 159 

LDL Cholesterol - 80

On a less stellar note:

HDL Cholesterol - 27 (A tad low)

Triglycerides - 261  :'(  (Not what I had hoped for)

The viral load and CD4 weren't back yet. I expect the CD4 to have dropped some because I have been under the weather. I wouldn't be surprised to find it has dropped into the 900s or even the 800s.

I really don't care as long as the viral load is still undetectable.

I should find out sometime next week.

Now, what to do about the not-so-good numbers.  ???

For starters, I guess I can up the number of days I do a cardio workout. I usually go to the gym three days a week for a 90 minute to two hour workout. I guess I can increase that to four days a week for cardio but I'll leave the strength training at three days a week.

That's the only way I know to increase the HDL cholesterol.

As for the triglycerides, I don't know if I should up the amount of fish oil I take or not. I take 4,800 mgs of fish oil a day, plus Pravachol and Zetia.

Guess I can ask the doc what else I can do.

If it ain't one thing, its another. But at least my liver isn't cratering.



Hey Mark, I don't know what NASH is, but I'm glad your liver seems to be holding its own.  That total cholesterol number is great!  My triglycerdies are always elevated, but I'm diabetic and the doc said that's why they are.  I also don't take fish oil (I probably should) and I don't work out.  I used to, last year when I quit smoking for two months.  And I did feel better.  I often wonder why I don't just go ahead and do that again.  I'm just resistant to change I guess. 

Hey Betty,

Here is a link discussing NASH.

It came as a surprise for me, since I don't fit the profile. But, what the heck, that is what makes interesting to live with HIV.

Ever tasted rice milk? At least its low fat.



Interesting.  I had never heard of such a thing.  But, I'm sure there are many things in the medical world I don't know about.

I also don't think I've ever heard of rice milk.  I tried soy milk once, and thought it was disgusting. 

Well, although not good...your triglycerides are exactly what Kurts are...( after bringing them down from a high of over 2000)...and his doctor said to increase fish oil...but to to switch to artificial fish oil so as not to expose oneself unnecessarily to mercury and all the toxins that could be found in natural fish oil.


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