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i saw magic johnson

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i saw magic johnson while i was in new orleans this past weekend with my boyfriend. it touched my heart to see how happy my bf looked to see someone with the same thing as him, but look so healthy and happy with this life :)

If I had all that endorsement cash coming in, I'd probably be pretty happy too.

Cash! Who doesn't want more.. though at least he needs to stay alive and healthy to enjoy it. :D

Talk about "HIV celerbrity" endorsement, I wonder what Greg Louganis is doing. There's some news about him here recently (that he's found a new profession as a dog trainer, etc) and even a short interview about him going to the Beijing Olympics.

I went to a drive thru at a Burger King near downtown Dallas to get a soda several months ago. There was a sign on the window that said that Magic Johnson owned that restaurant.
He has his fingers in a lot of different investments I bet.

Good for him...

Just because Magic Johnson has cash doesn't mean his celebrity doesn't give some of us a measure of comfort.

When I converted early, the fact that Majic Johnson looked good, was on TV and didn't let HIV keep him from being a success was also something I drew strength from.

Having his cash may or may not make one happy. But that is not the point of the posting.


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