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Partner has Zero Viral load- I have the Delta 32 mutation


I know everyone preaches safe sex and I get that is the best precaution against transmition.  I have read recent studies that those with Zero viral load are unlikely to pass HIV along to their partners.  My partner has been pos about a year and has been on meds since he sero converted.  I have been tested and found I have the Delta 32 mutation.  From the research I've done, it seems unlikely for me to transmit HIV in this case (unprotected sex or not).  I am crazy for thinking this?  Thank you. 


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I probably know just about as much as you do on this so I'm afraid I'm not much help, but from what I understand those with or who carry two copies of the mutation are resistant to HIV even though the continue to have unproted sex with an HIV+ partner..and those with only one copy are probably not quite so resitant..I'm realy not sure.

Do you know how many copies you have?

I'm sure one of the experts will come along and help you out with your question soon enough...just be patient, hope to hear more from you.



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