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Speaking of Gardens.....

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To my 'blooming' Forums Family...

Having enjoyed Newt's recent photos of his 'RED GARDEN' (thank you so much, Newt) and in attempting to distract myself from my current 'pain in the a**, oops, teeth'...I thought I'd post a couple of pics from one of the gardens I was paid to create around 8 years ago, and am now doing some work in (earning spending money for Montreal).

Hope you enjoy's my first time sharing some of my 'professional work' to these forums!

Thanks for viewing!



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Now THESE are impressive

- matt (outclassed)  :D

Hey Zeph....thoae pictures are beautiful, you really do some nice work. I also like to garden, thought I'd attach a few pictures.

Have a beautiful day...hope your feeling better!

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Andy Velez:
All that greenery and tranquility is good for the soul, Zephyr. Whatta great way to earn your living.

Wow Guys...Such beauty and color.  I enjoy puttering around with my potted plants too.  Zephyr and Nadine...Our nature girls..........  You Go, Girls :-*

Thanx for the pics :P


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