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On Friday of this past week I went to see a specialist, I felt it was to my benefit and my doctor thought so as well, being that she maintains only a general practice. The place that I picked is associated with a major university in san diego with a wide range of services, great!!! Not so, I waited a 45 minutes just to see the health coordinator and then another half hour to schedule my next appointment with the doctor in August. It was so very depressing and sad, as I am in relatively good health and the fifteen or twenty people there were clearly not doing well and just waiting, and waiting, and waiting. The receptionists, there were two, were so rude and unhelpful to any one who questioned them, the whole experience sent me into a tailspin. I know this is the way of this disease, people get sick and life can get ugly, and sometimes you need to wait, but I could not and will not pay high insurance premiums, and have for the last twenty five years or so and only truly starting using them in the past six months, for this kind of service and environment. When and if things get worse, one thing I do not want to do when I am feeling sick is wait, or worse be treated unkindly.  Gratefully I had taken a friend, and she was as angry about the whole scenario and stated, "that is not the place for you!"

Now the question. I live in San Diego and was wondering if anyone could tell me, or would be willing to advise me on a specialist, preferrably located in a doctor's office, private practice and that may be affiliated with a hospital. I just don't want to wait until I truly need one to look.

Thank you in advance!!

Hi ds,

I'm afraid I don't know anything about doctors or clinics in the San Diego area, but I'm going to move your thread to the Living forum where more people will see it. We have a few members from the SD area so hopefully someone will have some ideas.

Good luck and by the way, you're doing the right thing. It's very important for you to be happy with your health care provider.



Ann is right!  I live in San Diego and although I am not glad that you are having to ask for advice, I am glad that I have found someone local!

I sent you a PM, I can asssit you.......



Thank you so much for responding!!!! Today has been one of those days, and therefore I am very grateful for something good coming out of it. Would be very interested in what you have to offer and go from there. As with most people, healthy or not, we have good days and bad days, but Friday's experience brought me to a new low, so once again thank you for hope, truly.

I only beginning to experience what this site has to offer, a little slow at learn my way around it, but grateful that there are people like you here!

With many thanks and gratitude.



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