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Male circumcision 'could prevent millions of AIDS deaths'

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A large trial in South Africa, published last year, suggested that being circumcised reduced the chance of men becoming infected with HIV infection by about 60%......

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from a one-time encounter, an hiv negative man has pretty much a low risk of being infected with hiv from an unprotected encounter.   

For a circumsized man, that risk is slightly reduced.

I want to make clear that circumcision is NOT a ticket to prevention.

HIV doesn't discriminate, but it is true that in an encounter with somebody who happens to be hiv positive, one's chances of obtaining this are disminished if you are circumcized.

Personanally, I don't know yet how i feel about that.

to me, it seems to ring to the 'take PEP before sex so you don't get hiv".

Might it help?  Maybe.  Is it sure.  Hell no.

I hate the lack of safe sex information that is not included with these type of articles.

There's another thread with some pretty good discussions about this topic:

Poz Brit:
Here in the UK the majority are intact and have not been mutilated, and from what I have read, HIV/AIDS is not, more prevalent here.

Also over here ,it is also illegal to dock dog’s tails, as it is deemed to be cruel, so is it alright to mutilate and cut off the foreskin of an infant boy for religious reasons or what ever????  Surly all that is attached has evolved for a purpose?


Hey I am circumsied and I got the bug , I also posted a thread on this  here called" Is This  Bad Science"
So who can I sue! From my understanding there is some sort of law, stating that people with a condition can petition the powers that be on promoting untruths to their condition.
Could is a mighty word , I could have been a millionaire,
My questions are:
                              Since the virus can not be passed through skin how is circumsizion stopping the virus?
                               By getting circumsized , what other preventive measures if any are being taken? Such as getting counseling on safe sex, the importance of using a condom, abstinance?

Please read the other thread to see how I and many of your fellow posters feel on this subject.


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