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Today I can finally sit up- right (after oral surgery...ouch!)

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Oh great, just when the 2nd heat wave of he summer hits.  Well, make yourself some lemonade or some sun tea, find a nice shade tree read a book or work on the Sunday crossword puzzle.


Hi Zeph,

I have often wished the Dentist was in somebody elses mouth.  I do enjoy the Vicodin and look forward to drinking plenty of fluids (Justerini and Brooks, Johnny Walker (Black Label) and on a hot summer day, a little blended Jose Cuervo Maggie with a Gran Marnier back.  When in pain, I want to have a good time or I do not want to play.  Have the best day

Hi Zeph, feel better. I have a feeling I will soon "feel your pain" as my gums have been bleeding like a stuck pig at the county fair, after I floss. Don't you just love having HIV? It's allot of fun. N'est Pas? Or whatever the french say LoL.

In a case like Zeph's, we simply say OUCH! as well ;)

I feel for you Zephyr and wish you a quick and lasting recovery. However sexy (mine's drop dead gorgeous and straight ???) you don't want to visit your dentist too often...


Hello Zephyr,

pain in your mouth is really bad, isn't it? In 1987 I have had a very bad peridontal disease, also affecting my palate and my tongue. I didn't know yet I had HIV, but it must have been when I was recently infected.  It hurt so much. I just moved to The Hague and I didn't have a dentist here. It was friday afternoon. So I was calling dentists and they all said I can come next week......... until one pf them heard my voice and said "You are really in pain, aren't you?" and invited me to come immediately. I have never been so grateful to someone in my life. JC, that pain was so bad I could cry.

Feeling for you, dear! Get well soon!




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