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Today I can finally sit up- right (after oral surgery...ouch!)

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Hello there, everyone...

I've been down for the count since yesterday, when I had a two-hour session with my Dentist...laser surgery and a major tooth 'scaling' that kicked my a**. I've been in a Vicodin haze for the past two days, and finally, I can sit up straight without the mind-numbing zaps of pain.

I was a complete 'blob' yesterday, and slept most of the day away. I don't know when I've experienced such pain, really. Problem is, we've only completed the top half, I'll have to go through this again for the bottom half.

My professional thinks that the Peridontal Disease is a definite 'side affect' of the HIV virus, I thought I'd let you know. Hopefully, my gums will re-generate and the teeth will strengthen. After going through this, I will absolutely be taking better care of my oral hygiene!

I've never seen a Dentist work so hard in my life...I'm grateful to him for suggesting the laser technique. We knew that a scapel and stitches would leave me vulnerable to infection, and we opted for this technique, instead.

He's got me on a course of a strong antibiodic for the week, and I'll be seeing him again on Thursday for a check-up.

In the meantime, I'm resting, drinking lots of fluids, eating soft foods. Hope you all are having a better weekend, I'm thinking of you.



Ouch! My mom has twice-yearly teeth scaling, and she always tells me about it in stunning detail. Would. Not. Wish. It. On. My. Worst. Enemy.

Get better, enjoy a nice warm jar of baby food, and feel better soon.

Ohh Zephyr,

I hope your mouth gets to feeling better real soon. Thats one thing I cant stand is pain from my teeth.

Makes my teeth hurt just reading your post.

Feel better soon.


wishing you well in all this dental stuff

- i'm glad you mentioned laser dental surgery. i never even knew that existed! something new for me to research!  :D

gosh I luv this site  ;D

Zeph honey,

I'm so sorry you are in pain.   I hope you feel much better soon!   I am facing the same thing at some point in the not-too-distant future.   My gums have receded so far from my upper teeth, it is shocking......thank God it doesn't show when I smile normally....

Yes, you will be going through the same thing again....but look at it this way, at least you know what you are in store for.   Hope you are doing a lot better tomorrow!

Love & hugs,


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