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Gallbladder removal and diet


My wife, who is 45 this year, HIV+ just had her Gallbladder removed (after a 2 centimeter stone was accidentally found via X-Ray).  She had lathroscopic surgery (outpatient), and is recovering pretty well.

The specialist told me that she needs to be on a "bland" diet for the next 2 weeks, or at least until her follow-up. 

What exactly is "bland"?  I didn't get him to clarify, as I was more focused on her being in the recovery room.
Anyone out there got a know about this?



I googled bland diet and there are several pages there that gives you a list of foods to eat and not to eat.

hope this helps and hope your wife is feeling better soon



I believe a "bland diet" referes to soft foods that are only lightly seasoned, low in fiber and low is fat.  The last part (low in fat) is particularly important since she had her gallbladder removed.  In fact, she will probably need to continue to restrict her consumption of fat even after recovery.  The gallbladder holds bile that is produced in the liver and whenever fat is consumed the gallbladder will contract and release some of this bile into the digestive tract so that the fat can be broken down and digested.  Since her gallbladder has been removed, this bile reserve is no longer there and the bile must now come directly from the liver (which will not be as concentrated or as effective in digestion of fat as the bile that would have been stored in the gallbladder).

I hope this helps and I hope your wife makes a speedy recovery.


I suggest a BRAT diet the first few days (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, toast meaning crackers too) and after that you kindof ad lib it.  Nothing spicy, meats only if ground, not too much roughage (like chunky raw vegetables) and not much sodium or fried food.  You should also call the surgeon's nurse Monday morning to see what they recommend in the way of a bland diet.  

My personal experience is that my "comfort" foods, and what my girlfriends call "period" food, is NOT BLAND!

I'm glad you're there to take care of her.  Well done!

Edited to say, listen to Jim, not me!  My guts and I don't really get along, anyway :-\

Thanks very much for the info and help on this.  She is NOT going to be happy about some of this, as she loves red meat, ice cream stuff like that.

She's doing a lot better today (she got to take her bandages off last nite, and take a shower).  She's getting antsy about driving again, and I told her to wait until we heard what the MD says.  I'm worried about seat belt irritation as well as if she has to stop quickly or gets hit.

Tell you what though, I wish I had gotten on this site long ago.

Ya'll take care, and thanks again,



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