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How efficients are antidepressants ?

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I have never take such drugs.
Do they help to forget the impact of this disease ?
Does their side effects impact your ability at work ?
Which one work fine for you (means no stress, see the life in true colors)

I think for depression they work well for me. I have taken two. Celexa  worked but I was tired a lot. It effected my work positively though. I was depressed and having trouble leaving the house. I take Wellbutrin now and I have not had another episdode of major depression and  the physical side effects have been negligible. I don't think they helped with HIV at all. They helped with my depression which in part was because of an hiv diagnosis and in part other causes.

Wellbutrin is the Zyban (accordingly to Wikipedia) ?!

I wasn't know it was also usable for the depression. Good to know.
How do you feel before VS. after taking it ?

I have had a prescription for Ativan that I have kept current for the past 18 years. It was prescribed for me to take care of the problems sleeping during the time that my former lover was sick and dying. I still have it.
 I take it at night to help me sleep but the residual effect mellows me out during the day.  It helps with anxiety and panic.  Not so much with depression.  I have more problems with anxiety than with depression.
I used the Wellbutrin for quitting smoking and was on it for 3 months.  At the end of three months,  I had quit smoking and was beginning to have severe mood swings from the Wellbutrin.  I took myself off it immediatly and will not use it again.
I love the Ativan.  It does not affect me adversly.  Its a very mellow drug for me.

I tried several with differing degrees of success, until I started on Cymbalta. Which works really well for me. Hope you find something that works because it'll make a world of difference.


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