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Senate vote on Tuesday-UPDATE 7-18

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Dear Forum Friends,

I received an email last night from the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and one from the Sonoma County Commission on AIDS this morning.  They both say the US Senate will be voting on the RWCA re authorization on Tuesday July, 18th and ask we write letters and make calls to the Senators asking for an increased funding level for HOPWA and RWCA.

I spent almost the last year on this project to help maintain acceptable levels funding for people (like myself and you) for treatment and care. I designed and paid for the web site, have been in the papers, on radio and on TV to get people involved in saving our care systems.  I hit the publish button on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2005, fought tooth and nail for publicity and have never stopped.  This was all very hard work and I got nothing for my efforts.  I have been an active member of the Planning Counsil, 6 of the sub-committees and am on the last Funding Allocation Working Group which is for 1 year budget as opposed to the normal 2 years budget.  Our county is switching to a Transition level program to get people living with HIV/AIDS off the benefits cycle and back to work.  I am the AIDS spokes person for that committee as well.

I pray to God that when the Senate votes on this legislation on Tuesday, enough of you took 5 minutes of your time, invested a postage stamp, a piece of paper and an envelope to make a difference and be heard because whether or not you are in need of RWCA funding today, it can all change tomorrow or on Tuesday.

Thank you so much for your help and support during these difficult times.  Have the best day

I have been all over the Senate floor schedule and can not find a scheduled vote on RWCA legislation for the day as directed by the SFAF and the Sonoma County Commission on AIDS.  The Senate Floor Schedule is not even published on their site beyond Monday July 17, 2006.

There is discussion on Stem Cell research, Postal reform and Natural resources (water) listed for the 17th with carry over to the 18th but no RWCA on the agenda.  Maybe these organizations have inside information they are not sharing or speculation.  I know of at least 2 consulting firms being paid to conduct business while I line up at the AIDS Food Bank for my weekly handouts.  I do know Babs and Susan must be smarter than I am because they are getting a fee for their work.

At least I get satisfaction by messing with Babs on Mondays at the Funding Allocation Working Group meetings.  I am such a devils advocate  ;D  Have the best day

Thank you so very much for your hard work and concern Michael, we desparately need good folks like you in the trenches, battling daily for us all...With this incessant bickering between nations and real wars breaking out in the Middle East, that could soon draw Syria and Iran in, the wars going on in Afghanistan and Iraq, a conflict with North Korea brewing, some folks are just looking for any excuse to cut social services to those most desperate to fund the war machines.  Disgusting and inhumane !!!

Sad but still hopeful, Jody

The CAEAR Coalition is requesting we contact our Senators and urge them to support a $25 million boost in Title III and $70 million in Title II funding levels for FY 2007.

They say the Senate Labor/HHS Appropriations Subcommittee and the full Appropriations Committee are expected to take action on Tuesday July 18 and Thursday July 20.  This request comes in on Friday July 14th. 

This gives me nothing to work with because of short notice.  It will take at least 5 days for a letter to reach Washington DC and another 10 days in quarantine.  The only Senator from California on either Appropriations Committee is Diane Fienstein and her past record shows she is in support.

A list of Senators on the Appropriations Committee can be found at

CAEAR Coalition also requests to ensure the bill does not give the Secretary's authority to transfer funds among the Titles.  Have the best day

Today the US Senate Appropriations Subcommittee Reports FY 2007 Labor, HHS, Education Spending Bill.


HHS Programs- $64.181 Billion

Community Health Centers- $1.926 Billion, which is $145 million over last year.  These Centers provide critical healthcare services to underserved and uninsured people throughout America.

Pandemic Preparedness at the CDC- $119 million

Global AIDS- $100 Million for the Global Fund for HIV/AIDS/TB.  In addition $121 Million for CDC for Global HIV/AIDS/TB activities

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Programs- $2.161 billion for LIHEAP, $379 million more than the budget request

Domestic HIV/AIDS Programs at CDC- $675.9 million for HIV/AIDS testing, counseling, and prevention at the CDC, an increase of $28.2 million

RYAN WHITE AIDS PROGRAMS-  $2.139 billion for the RW AIDS Programs, $78 million more than last year, including $55 million for ADAP

This was a very good day for us  Have the best day


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