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Samson Chan 1961 - 1995


I wish we had more time together as friends, Samson. You'd tought me so much. You could have stayed in the US to receive better care but you choose to come back to Hong Kong and started our first support program for HIV/AIDS patients. You were so robust that I didn't know you could go down so quickly.

No one could have convinced me to do a drag show but you. But boy did we have fun doing this act raising money for the first emergency fund for AIDS patients in need of financial supports.

I have missed you for so many years. I still sometimes see you on the streets.. not really you, only someone happened to look a bit like you. It felt strangely good when it happened; it was as if you had never left us.

It hurt me to be in the same shoes as yours now. Not because I am scared of his disease, but because I didn't listen to you. You kept telling us how easy one could forget to take care of oneself. You'd never stopped reminding me, us that we needed to protect ourselves and nothing out there was worth more than our health. And I didn't listen... and I forgot.

Now I wish more people could get to know you and what a wonderful person you were.



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