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My Man Jack D H


I am also Jack (HIV-), I just lost my partner Jack D H on Jan. 30th 2008. He had been HIV+ for 23 years and was only 50 at his passing. He did NOT die from HIV but from chirrosis of the liver. Seems he has had Hepatitis B since the 1970's (with no sypmtoms.) No one ever did a liver biopsy on him. He continued to drink. In all his 23 years with HIV he had NEVER been ill. He was also NON DETECTIBLE. He started being ill on Dec. 26 and entered the hospital on Jan. 28th. The three weeks prior was basically Hep B symptoms and nothing was being done...when we got to the hospital his primary doc's brought his HIV meds up on their palm pilot and it stated "DO NOT USE ON PATIENTS WITH HEP B"! I know God only takes us when it is time but, I feel so cheated in a selfish way. I am 12 years older than he was and I wanted him to bury me. I was allowed to stay with him through the 3 day stay and was there at his passing.

Please, Please, Please if you have had Hep. B and are HIV+, make your doc's check your liver with a biopsy. Do NOT DRINK or use poppers, we found out at the hospital that poppers deteriate the liver. They also told us that smoking has a hand in liver disease. My partner did all three.

We were a very odd couple, I am a recovering alcoholic/drug and smoker for 26 years. I often voiced my opinion to Jack and he had cut down on all three considerably while we were together, however; the damage was done but could have been slowed down by his obstaining from drinking, drugging and smoking.

As sad as I am, I am also so priviledged, thanks to God, to have been there with him. I cherish the days we spent together in our lives. Being with someone who is HIV+ taught me so much. Our love for one another was so great and he was such a good person. I will hold his memory within my heart forever.

In Loving Memory,

Your Baby (Jack),

Sweet Dreams Baby!

Your Baby, Sweet Dreams 


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