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Wow, I almost threw a spoon at this guy.

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Me and Will were seeing the movie "Superman Returns".  This guy behind me was yacking on the phone for 5 minutes.  I reached around and took it from him and told him I would give it back at the end of the movie.. But I am 200 pounds and he was a squirt.. I hate that shit to...

I can't for the life of me figure out why people need to yell when they are on their cell phones.  In 1988, it was cool to have a cell phone.  Today, BFD, get over yourself, bitch.  We've all had 7 or 8 of them by now.  lol

I was at a movie a while back and this gal's phone rang just as the movie was starting...Ok, I forgive.  You thought you turned it on silent of off...whatever.  But, NO...5 minutes later the damn thing rang again.  So I go "TURN OFF THE FUCKING PHONE!!!"  Several people around me gave the golf clap.  The phone didn't ring again.   :D

Jaser next time throw the damn spoon and let us know if it helps.  :P

I agree that having the conversation on speaker-phone was totally rude and inconsiderate.  Excuse yourself and go outside.

As far as cell phones go, this woman I work with, who sits in the next cubicle, should get the award for most annoying biatch ever.....she is the loudest person ever and when she has one of her family members call her, at her desk, on her cell phone her ringer volume (and her mouth) is like on the highest setting - so inconsiderate and rude.

Of course people jokingly tell her the phone is loud, she is loud, and she freely admits that she is and continues to do it? WTF?!

I guess it must be God testing me   ;)

People pull that shit at work too.

So I put a page in the fax machine and dial their cell number. Repeatedly they answer the phone and hear the beeping of the fax.  Then after awhile they get annoyed and shut that shit off.

Try it Jordan let me know how it goes over.


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