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Wow, I almost threw a spoon at this guy.

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Hi Jeff:

I love problem solvers like you  :)

I'm going to test that solution out next time.

Can't we all just get along?

In fact sometimes a few of us come into my office and we do it....we hear the person get pissed and then u hear laughter from my office.

It really pisses me off....especially on the street all these people yapping on their cellphones like theyre so self-important.  Then they think theyre cool when you hear them say "F this" or "F that".

I despise the rudeness of people where cell phones are concerned...I will not take mine into a restaurant.   I'm usually with someone, why would I want to receive a call?   I don't like being on the end of anyone's leash....

Oh, a few Sundays ago the Priest was giving the sermon, someone's ANNOYING musical cell phone went off, and the ignoramous fumbled around with it for 5 minutes trying to make it shut up.....if you can't operate one, don't get one!


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