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Wow, I almost threw a spoon at this guy.

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Me and my mom just went to get something to eat at this diner near us, and we sat near the back, and like 15 minutes after we got there this guy and his girlfriend and his friend come in and sit across from us. And it was cool for about ten minutes, until the second guy takes out his cellphone and starts bitching to his friend WHILE ON SPEAKERPHONE.

And there are a bunch of erm, elderly citizens in that diner at any given time, and he was just like fuck fuck fuck every other word. And we could hear their entire conversation.

I hate hate hate it when people do that. I seriously wanted to chuck something at him or get up and tell him to chill out with the cellphone, but I didn't want to start anything. And no one else said anything either. I think for the same reason.

I know I'm not the only person that gets annoyed by people like that that think we care about their conversations. I vote we all make a pledge to toss something at the next person that does that.  :D Or at least say something to them. It was a big guy, though, with chains and shit all over the place, and I think that's why people were afraid to say something. Still, though. Maybe I should've, or someone should've. It's rude.

Maybe you could have told the waitress and she or maybe the manager could do something.

I hate that stuff too - especially on the trains or bus or even in the supermarket people are always bullshitting on the phone.

And they wonder why people find a pot of  hot coffee in their laps...Hmmm!
It's no wonder to me....and I went to anger management too.
Waitress...Coffee please!

I agree.  I also find those push-to-talk phones very annoying.  It can be bad enough hearing one end of a conversation that you'd rather not hear but when you have to hear both ends of it.. along with that annoying beep everytime either one wnats to say something.  It makes me want to help them find a place to put it.  >:(

Speakerphone? Really? You can do that? How horrifying.

Poll: Rudeness in America, 2006
It's the #@%! Cell Phones

In the ranks of rudeness, cell phones reign.

While vast majorities of Americans experience a range of rude behaviors at least occasionally in their daily lives, the one transgression that occurs most often is accompanied by a ring tone: People talking on cell phones, in public places, in a loud or annoying manner.

Eighty-seven percent of Americans in an ABC News "20/20" survey say they encounter that kind of gabbing at least sometimes, and a majority -- 57 percent -- hear it often. That takes the cake for frequency; by contrast, just under four in 10 often experience generally rude or disrespectful behavior, cursing, near-cursing or people interrupting conversations to use e-mail or cell phones.


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