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scared shitless

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Hi Angel,

Sorry to hear about your new diagnosis how long ago did you find out? Are you waiting on your first set of labs for CD4 counts and viral load?  I think the most important thing is to not try and rush things it takes time to get your head around everything.  I found knowledge is power with HIV but don't overload yourself at the start because there is SO much to learn.  Also another important thing is to get yourself a good doctor who you think you can have a good relationship with and most importantly trust.  Hang in there it gets better I promise!


should get them in few days, ( and god knows i dont have any patience)
Unfortunatly the one doctor i have trust trough my life is in belgium,
have been thinking of moving back, even though it would really mess my life up

Hi Dreamer...

Just keep dreaming.  You have a long road to hoe.

First things first.  Like Chris and Teressa said, learn all you can.

Secondly, take it very slowly and one step at a time.  Disclosure right now (or non-disclosure) is right at the top.  It is very important who to tell and who not to tell and when.  Once you've told someone, even if it is your closest friend who has sworn his alligence to you till hell freezes over that he will tell no one,  it's no longer a secret and you should just assume everyone knows.  Different people react differently to this strange little bug and you never know how it will set them off. 
Disclosure is one of the lessons.  Take heed.

And don't worry about your Dr. in Belgium.  It's not like he needs to be at your beck and call.  As long as everything is under control you will only need to see him 3 or 4 times/year and that is just to go over your blood tests, talk about medicines, etc.

Like I said, don't rush into anything.  Just take it one day at a time.  And you'll see how this HIV virus need not take over your life.  Just a stumbling block.  That's all.


hey Robert,

thanks for that,
unfortunatly i have found one hell of a big block,
it up to a extend does rules my life for the moment,
specially now i have found out that i might not be able to do my job because there is a likely chance i wont be allowed to enter the US

Hey Angel....Sorry about your recent diagnosis!  I dare say no one "handles" it well.  And of course it takes time for it all to sink in too.  I'm glad you found us and am confident you will find this place a great source of information and big time support.  Welcome to the family, good buddy! :-*


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