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is hiv a silent conspiricy

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I couldnt NOT respond... I tried.....

Logic would dictate that in todays political climate the most likely thing is that no one has made it as far as national office with the HIV virus due in all practicality to being "weeded out" early on in city/county type elections.  With the stigma that is attached most of the public would have FAR to many quesitons for most and even if you had all the right answers it's unfortunately a stigma that would, I believe, keep you out of office. The other most likely scenario has already been stated, ie. they have not disclosed their status.  And if they fight for the rest of us, they can keep their "super hero" side a secret as far as I am concerned.  If its a private issue for me, its one for them as well.

Joe K:
While it's not quite a conspiracy, what the Congress and Bush are doing to pozzies is downright punitive and criminal in it's execution.  I don't agree that poz people cannot hold office, as a friend of ours is both a Commissioner and will be mayor of our city next year.  Everyone knows his status, but then again we live in poz land and because there are so many of us, being poz is no longer a real issue.

It should not matter the status of any of legislators, because their role is to enact legislation that addresses the needs of society, not their personal bias.  Rather than lamenting that we don't have pozzies in high places, why not become one yourself?  Stop letting others define what you can do and instead of wondering why Bush is cutting HIV funding, send the White House a letter and ASK HIM?

I can't say this enough.  If we don't wake up and start demanding what we need, we will continue to lose funding and the services that we fought so hard to establish.  It's great to raise this issue here, but discussion without action is just a lot of hot air.  You want to understand HIV funding and services?  Then go to the source and ask the people who are supposed to be looking out for us.

Oh and just to be clear i am NOT of the opinion that us pozzies cant hold office or shouldnt hold office!  I believe a guy with ALZHIEMERS ran this place for a while.....


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