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For crying out loud! I spend all this time typing out a damn post(MY FIRST!) only to press 'preview' and get a red message that my session timed out while posting....grand.
And YES, after putting all the effort into writing what I needed to say, it's impossible to re-write it.

Really helpful to a newcomer that needs advice. :(

You're not the only one who's learned the hard way.

Hold down the "Control" button, then hit "A" to highlight ALL, followed by "C" to copy.

Now chill.   ;)  There are worse things.

This has happened to many of us.  You're not the first.


Try this: log out. When you go to log back in again, use the log in box found in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. You'll find a drop down list there which will allow you to choose how long you stay logged in for. I always choose "forever". If for some reason I don't want to have the site come up in my account when the computer is next used, I make sure I click the log out button before I close the window.

And by the way, welcome to the forums! Hope you get over your initial posting problems.



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