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Happy Birthday OzPaul ! (07/16)

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Happy Birthday Paul!



Happy Birthday Paul!

Thanks everyone for the hearty and cheerful happy birthday greetings !!!!!

I did indeed have a very happy birthday. On Saturday I had a small gathering of friends in a little country hamlet near our home. I actually made the main course which was a vegetarian lasagna with spicy tomato sauce. As some of you may know I am/have been a chef of many years so fortunately the lasagna was a success. Birthday cake was provided by my friends. Yesterday I went with my partner to an orchid farm and selected several orchids (cymbidium and others) for my present. They will bring me joy for years to come. Afterwards we had a lovely meal at a country inn nearby.

It has been such a pleasure being part of our AM Forum Family these past many months. I am reminded daily of the strength, courage, humour and spirit of us all as we travel through a life with HIV.

Peace and Love

Sorry I'm late with my well-wishes, but I am glad you had a grand day.

Now, a little reminder. We are required to celebrate a day for each year. That means you have 47 more days of celebrating to which to look forward.  ;)

Oh, and your birthday swats are awaiting you.




Happy birthday Paul!!! I'm sure your get together was awesome. Ted & I wish you a wonderful birthday and we look forward to seeing you & Wade again soon :o)
PS, I LOVE LOVE LOVE orchids...but of course you know that. Cymbidiums are the perfect choice and take some pics and send to me when you've got time :-)


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