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Memorial Dedication for Derrick Jackson (1967 - 2004)

Oh, honey…did we ever have some fun, or what?  Those were high times indeed.  More than just one that I could count on always to be found at the party, you were a party in and of yourself.  For me, being with you was always a celebration no matter where we were or what we were up to…though we were usually up to quite a lot.  True enough, we might have ventured into some of the city’s more shadowy haunts.  And yes, we may have engaged in some eyebrow-raising activities a time or two.  But I hold those times to be nothing less than sacred.  Through them, you awakened me to myself with a clarity never known before or since.  It reached beyond anything chemical or carnal, and I will always be grateful to you for that.

It was such a shock for me to learn of your passing.  Caught up in dealing with my own health, you had slipped away without my knowledge.  It was a full year to the day when I found out you had gone.  I swear that it felt like I had an entire year of grieving to catch up on until I realized this one important thing:  every encounter we ever had was rounded with a hug and a kiss at beginning and end.  And I know – I truly know – that there was never, ever I time that wasn’t so…nor I time when it wasn’t said that I loved you.  I somehow found a quick and lasting comfort in that, knowing that whenever I last saw you I would have parted from you exactly as I would have wanted.  Doll, it’s not that I won’t always miss you, but a part of me simply celebrates the experience of knowing you just as much.  When I think back on you, it stirs a feeling inside that somehow recalls the sensation of an early morning return from one of our great nights out.

The songs inside, the buzz…they linger.



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