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I think I'd probably be a different person if I didn't have my pets.

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I have to agree with the others…..well done indeed!!!

I just have to let you know that I think you are an amazing young man and an incredibly talented writer.  Your style is simple yet quite emotional.  I love the way you look at life and the way that your storytelling tugs at the heart strings.  This post had me laughing and crying at the same time……and that’s a good thing.  There is only one other writer on this forum that has had that effect on me…..and that would be Jonathan Kivett.  So I guess you’re in some pretty good company……just saying!!!



Jaser:   I jsut wanted to add my kudos to you and Morgan. Morgan is a very lucky mouse, indeed.

I agree about your talents.  This certainly has the makings for a children's story.  Have you considered such and undertaking.  Hope, dear Jaser, is in our very own hearts.

Thanks for this blessing on this day. chris


Jaser, that's a beautiful story about Morgan.

Thank you,

Jaser...what to say, what to say...

You are wise beyond your years, young man.  You have amazing qualities about you that, rather most people three or more times your age only dream about possessing.  You are someone who WILL make a difference in this world...hell, you already ARE!!!

In admiration,


Andy Velez:
Best to you and Morgan, Jaser.

Touching and swell piece about you two.



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