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Ryan White CARE Act and Insurance


I tested poz over a year ago.  At the time I had insurance but a few months later I lost my job.  I lost my insurance and could not afford COBRA.  I let my insurance slip but thanks to the Ryan White act I was still able to make my doctors appointments.  I started a new job in January and my insurance finally kicked in.  According to my HR guy, due to the company being bought out and a new insurance company picking up, I should be covered for my HIV even tho I had a break in coverage.  The question I have is this... is the Ryan White CARE act considered coverage?  Most insurance companies do not cover "pre-existing conditions" if there was a break in covereage.  How do I find out? 



  Ryan White is not insurance.  Because you've let your insurance lapse, the pre-existing clause at your new job will have to kick in.  Normally this lasts for up to 1 year.  You should ask HR how long the pre-existing clause is.  During that time, you most likely can still get help from ADAP (Ryan White) to help pay for your meds.  Or, you can so on a "Structured" holiday and just not take the pills during that time.

If you post this over in the "Living With" forum, you'll probably receive more replys.

good luck..


Dear Stephen,

Ryan White is the payor of last resort and depending upon where you live, there may be funding available.  Since the Ryan White CARE Act was not re authorized on September 5, 2005, most communities have been providing services through flat funding.  Each year that funding will go down a percentage and the fiscal agents will have to continue to find other sources for payment.

In order to help lobby Congress to increase RWCA funds to cover the costs of services, I wrote  To find what services are available where you live, try  From there you can find a local person who has the answers to your questions.

I received an email from the San Francisco AIDS Foundation last night and another from our local Planning Counsil this morning.  According to both emails, the Senate is to vote on re authorization of the RWCA on Tuesday, July 18th.  To the best of my knowledge the CARE Act as presented to the Senate is merely legislative language, with no dollar amounts discussed.  This is not good news.  Have the best day


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