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So I Call It "Icky"

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I can relate so well with you..only with me its my ex and the way hes treated MY (our) kids. We live in the same city and thank heavens I havent seen him for over 4 yrs.

Im afraid if I do see him...I will wind up in jail.

Theres no emotion stronger than hate for someone you onced loved.

I hope that you never have to lay eyes on him again!


"Icky" sounds like an extremely ICKY human in general.
Take care SDGirl and I hope you don't have to have any contact with "Icky"


Well Ms Thing...You've given Icky a whole new meaning for me....and here I thought it was just a
icky feeling.  Take a deep breath sweetheart.  No man is worth giving up your peace of mind.  Just remember Karma is a bitch some comes back to bite you in the ass :P :P :P

Be well my sweets......... :-*

if you run into him, don't get into it with him. he'd love that. just smile and say maybe 2 or 3 meaningless words that give the message "I truly don't give one rat's rear about you and your insanity. I've moved on from losers. PEACE OUT!"  8) (he'll be so mad tee-hee)

You know what All.................that is a good suggestion, although I will probably use much more expletives then you stated!   8)


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