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So I Call It "Icky"

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water duck:
Thank you Coen for sharing such wisdom.



--- Quote from: Sdgirl on July 15, 2006, 12:27:34 PM ---The problem I have is that just knowing he is here throws me off balance.  The mere thought of the possibility of running into “Icky” would send me over the edge.  And the possibility is strong… see, he and I have not spoken in 3 months and he has attempted to contact me on several occasions to no avail.

--- End quote ---

SD... just make sure you're in your CAR when you run into him.  THAT may help out in several areas!!!

I feel you need to do what makes you comfortable and happy.  If blocking him out of your life is good for you then I think that is what you should do.  We all have our thoughts and ideals on how to deal with stuff but only you can deal with it the way that makes YOU happy. 


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