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Hi all.  My partner and I have only just been tested positive and over a short space of time have gathered much information regarding so many aspects of the virus.  We understand that we are, however unfortunate, actually fortunate to have caught this at a time when so much is known about managing it.  It has no longer become a death sentence but rather something that has willed us to now be aware of the healthy lifestyle that we should have always lived.  It is now no longer a choice but a way of life!  Because we have only recently caught the virus, our immune systems are still healthy and strong. We have been told that it may be years before we may even need to go onto meds.  From what I have read in these forums, the major variance points to the daily trap of taking the meds rather than our appreciation for their ability to allow us the privilege of indefinitely sustaining our lives.  I have seen so many trains of thought and experiences.  Some comforted me and others reflected the emotional demure that some people live their every day by.  I want to know from you, who I hold in high regard, what I must do to ensure that I maintain a strong immune system.  I run every day and gym three times a week.  I have changed my diet and take some pretty powerful vitamens.  You are the ones that know what to eat, what not to, how do do things that make you strong.  Help me by sharing your own experiences with me.  Anything that will allow me to stay off the meds for as long as I can keep my immune system strong.  Help me to help myself!  I look forward any contributions.  Even negatives will be viewed from a positive perspective!  ('scuse the pun)


--- Quote from: Topperct on July 15, 2006, 05:50:05 AM ---  It has no longer become a death sentence but rather something that has willed us to now be aware of the healthy lifestyle that we should have always lived.   Help me to help myself!  I look forward any contributions.  Even negatives will be viewed from a positive perspective!  ('scuse the pun)

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Welcome to the forums. The first thing that I would like to put into perspective for you, is your own words, that  Hiv/ aids is no longer a death sentence. I know thats what you've apparently heard.

Let me give you some facts : Since 1981, more then 25 million people have died from this disease.

Iin 2005, approx. 2.8 million people have died from this disease.( that was last year alone)

There are many more disturbing facts then the ones I gave you. But thats a start, and unfortunately the truth.

HIV infection leads to AIDS and AIDS leads to death. Once again thats the reality.

Without medication and medical intervention, typically one arrives at AIDS diagnosis, approximately 10 years after  infection. I had my AIDS diagnosis in 2003, also approx 17 years into infection. This is not the norm. It is difficult to say when anyone may have to start on medication. Our bodies handle this virus differently, from one person to the next.

No one wants to begin medication,( I know I didn't) because once you start on medication, it is most likely for the rest of your life. You may be fortunate enough to have some treatment breaks, depending on your health and your numbers.

You ask when can you do to avoid medication as long as possible. Hope, wish, pray to the gods/goddeses, what ever your beliefs are, that you have good genetic material that will hopefully keep your immune system strong.

Educate yourself on this virus, and don't allow yourself to slack off. Keep up with all your doctors appointments, and ask your doctor questions !!! The more informed you are about this virus.... it will help you further down the road.

There werer healthy changes that I made in my life, back in 1985, when I was diagnosed HIV positive. Actually, I started making those changes in 1986. My first year after diagnosis was spent drunk.

I quit smoking, My drinking habits calmed way down through the years, and by 1998-99 I had quit drinking completely. This was my choice. I was still very healthy at that time, but it was something I felt that I had to do.

Try to eat right, get enough sleep and don't stress out. HIV and stress are a bad combo.

I will only keep this brief, but my last words to you is to never give up hope that someday a cure will be found !!! Get yourself involved . Be a voice, in this fight and struggle, that we all have !!

I know a lot of this is tough to handle, especially since you were just diagnosed positive, but make sure you give yourself time to adjust. It can be an emotional rollercoaster, and the road ahead, has plenty of potholes, and speed bumps, but through knowledge, and common sense you will be able to navigate through it. Keep your head together !!

Take care of yourselves, will be looking forward to hearing from you !!


Hi Topper,

I welcome you to the family and trust you will fit right in here. 

I survived for 11 years with absolutely no intervention, aside for the changes you two have already made.  I worked and continued on with my life, as though nothing were any different.  When I started an ASO in New Mexico and had all of the attached stress to that event, I then went into full AIDS, but personally I feel that the stress is the most dangerous thing you will ever confront with HIV. 

As far as eating, keep your food physically clean, and also your water.  Eat loads of animal protein, and keep your bodies hydrated with loads of water.  These two things will keep you healthier for a longer time than just about anything else I have heard about.

Best of luck in the coming days, and please keep a positive attitude, as you are both still very healthy and HIV should only be a minimal detail in your lives at this point. 

In Love, and Understanding.

Hey there Ray!

Thanks!  I appreciate the down to earth honesty!  I knew that I would find that here after reading many of the forums!  I am sound genetically and sport fit.  Also have a number of friends that have lived with virus for in excess of 10 years.  They are becoming a support group.  I have a strong mind and will.  So I will take everyday as it comes.

I wish you all the best and a long future full of new hope every day!

Keep your chin up and your spirit strong!


Hey Tim

You certainly have seen some of the worst moments!  I read your Blogs.  Thanks for your positive words despite your past ordeal.

All the best as well!



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