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Received my latest numbers...It's a struggle...

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I had my last blood tests done on January 11th, 08. Results came in the mail today.

The results are :

CD4-----303,  was  295 on 11/05/07  ( No change)

CD4 %--10 %, a drop from 12%  on 11/05/07 This is the third consecutive percentage drop. No wonder why I am feeling achy, and when that fatigue kicks in, it hits hard.

The highest percentage I have had in just over the past four years was 14% on 4/19/07.  The lowest percentage was 4%, back in 12/03/03

Viral Load <50 ,  was <50 on 11/05/07 That's at least good !!  Except for one blip back in 11/15/05, of 166, and another blip of 288 ( on 5/16/06 )  my viral load has been undetectable, since 3/31/04

CBC, Chemical profile and amylase, are all OK !

Had annual PSA test done. That number was 1.1 ( thats good !!)

Total Cholesterol 205,  was 226 on 11/05/07. Perhaps next test I will have it below 200 !! This is also since starting on Lipitor. I am only taking it four days, off three. I take the 10 mg on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I don't take it on the other days

LDL ( bad cholesterol )--- 125

HDL ( good cholesterol )---50

triglycerides -- 150 , was 216 on 11/05/07

Anyway,....That's the latest-------Ray-------- OK and hanging in there !

EDITED ;(1/27/08--  realised that this is the third consecutive percentage decrease ....


Hi Ray

Numbers are looking pretty good to me, just need to keep an eye on your %..I know it can be a struggle.

Good to hear you have an regular check on your PSA, even your Cholesterol is looking good, just need to get your HDL up a bit and get your Tri's down a little bit more..but all in all your Total is looking good from where you were last year.

Glad to hear you are ok and hanging in there.

Jan :-*

Hi Ray
You seem to be doing pretty well and thats a good thing. Thanks for the update.

Hi Ray, even though your percentage is down, your numbers still look pretty good.  I do hope you get to feeling better.  I'm on Lipitor also and it has worked wonders for my cholesterol.  Hang in there buddy!

One of these days Ray, I'll catch up with you, God willing.


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