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SSDI and my insurance company

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This is a really scary thing to happen.  Once you qualify for an insurance, can they decide to just drop you?  I know that there are "lifetime" maximums they will pay out - Mini's was $1million and she went through that by the time she was 19mths old - but can they just flat out drop someone?  I've had insurance companies refuse to pay for tests because they were too stupid to realize that intestinal cancer has nothing to do with PCOS.  But, what the heck, they're both in the stomach therefore it PCOS MUST be a pre-existing condition, right?  Only took 8mths and a few biology lessons for them to pay >:(.  But, never have I had an insurance company try to dig up dirt about me. I agree with everyone here, ignore it as long as they continue to pay for their part of stuff and keep really good records incase they decide to stop.  I wouldn't shred the letter, either.  I'd keep it just in case.



--- Quote from: dvinemstre on January 26, 2008, 08:12:48 PM --- and the medicare part of ssdi doesn't kick in til 24 months into disability. you would have to qualify for medicaid between the two times (geeting SSDI and qualifying for lifetime medicare).
--- End quote ---

Actually, Medicare Part A (the hospital part) kicks in immediately upon receiving SSDI.  Medicare Part B (the rest of it like doctor's visits) kicks in after one year.  At least that's how it was with me and the friends of mine who were/went on disability back in the early 90's.

Is this even legal?
It sounds like something a state insurance commissioner or the SSA might be interested in hearing about--even anonymously.

the medicare time line was accurate back in 2005 when i was working with vocational rehabilitation. IF the person had limited funds and could qualify for medicaid they received that for the first 24 months. If they did not, they had nothing. also, please note that the sister branch of vocational rehabilitation is called Independent Living and is for persons with disabilities who need some forms of assistance in order to remain living in their community setting (home modifications, equipment, etc) who do not have $4 or insurance to fund these needs. It is a slow process but a case can be opened for years, so apply uf that is in you rfuture in the next 5 yrs. thanks, Zan

what a life:
Thanks to all. I'll keep ya updated with any new info I Get.


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