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Yet another antidepressant I can't tolerate.

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1.  Celexa - severe agitation
2.  Remeron - severe sedation/electric shocks throughout body from loud noises
3.  Tofranil (lowest dose ever)- scary heart palpitations/made anxiety worse
4.  St. John's Wort- good! then reaaal bad. Can't take anymore cuz I'm starting meds.

This has been a frustrating process.  My university psych doc said I have to go elsewhere since I'm starting meds since I need my GP and Psych to "work together". Totally makes sense.  Just inconvenient cuz I'm uninsured.

I'm not sure why my body seems to have a problem with antidepressants.  I always "start low and go slow" but I can never tolerate them.  I'm ready to give up.  I feel like the depression has leveled off considerably in the last month but I have my episodic bad days and feel lost and underwater and doubt that it'll ever go away.  I know this is a trial-and-error type of process but damn gina...I'm soo annoyed!


Shadow, don't give up.  There are a myriad of anti-d's out there.  Is there a local mental health center in your area?  Usually they will take someone who has no insurance, and put them on a sliding scale.  And they usually have psychiatrists there also.  This might be an option for you.

I noticed that the original post is three months old. Things might have changed for you by now. If you're still battling depression, and still doing the trial-and-error medication search thing, get in touch, if you like, or post again on this thread. I could make some suggestions.


Love your torso, btw.  ;)

I want to suggest Lexapro.


We should tread this subject very carefully when advising on this or that med.  Of course, only a licensed physician should be doing that.  I think we all know that though.


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